What Your Favorite Meals Reveal About Your Personality

If you enjoy trying out new fusion restaurants or food trucks, you are most likely a risk taker. A new food is an adventure waiting to happen, and you won't miss out!

If You Enjoy Trying New Flavors 

One reason you can't resist a slice is that pizza is the most addictive food, which explains why so many people enjoy it. However, your love of pizza indicates that you may be an extrovert. 

If Your Favorite Happy Food Is Pizza

A research of 953 Americans discovered that, after controlling for sweet, sour, and salty tastes, preferences for bitter food predicted antisocial behaviors. 

If You Like Bitter Foods 

Traditions are ways we stay connected to our roots, and the same is true for food. A food traditionalist values family and traditions.

 Traditional Foods

Researchers discovered that persons who seek sweet meals are more likely to be agreeable, kind, pleasant, and outgoing.

If You Have An Overall Sweet Tooth

Ice cream lovers frequently exhibit a childlike innocence. And with so many toppings, cones, and flavors to choose from, it feels like anything might happen!

 Favorite Dessert Is An Ice Cream Sundae

If you enjoy trying new fruits and vegetables, it demonstrates that you are interested in learning more about your cuisine.

If You Know The Names Of Each Veggie