Top Hot Spring Resorts Worldwide

Termas de Porques / Bolivia

World's highest open-air bath is known for its stunning outlook. Bathing in this hot spring at 4,400 meters, higher than Mt. Fuji, may cause altitude sickness.

Blue Lagoon/Iceland

The largest outdoor bath in the world is 40km from Reykjavik. Pale, hazy hot springs are beautiful and treat skin ailments.


Hungary boasts the most European hot springs. Budapest, the capital, is called "hot spring city" because its many hot springs. The largest European hot spring complex, Széchenyi, is the most famous.

Lake Héviz/Hungary

Known as "Hungary's hot spring lake," the entire lake is heated. Many bathe with floats because the water is 2 meters deep and the deepest point is 38 meters.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Turkey has the third-most hot springs after Japan and China. The most famous of the 474 places is Pamukkale, with its white rice terraces.

Pamukkale Antique Pool, Turkey

Try the Pamukkale hilltop antique pool if a footbath isn't enough. Ancient 2nd-century Roman Empire ruins are submerged into hot springs.


It is the largest hot spring in North America at 43 meters wide and was constructed for Fairbanks mine workers during the gold rush in the early part of the 20th century.

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