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Top 8 Makeup Brands Facts

MAC Cosmetics' Iconic Lipstick Shade

"Ruby Woo," MAC's best-selling lipstick, sells one per minute worldwide.

Urban Decay's Unusual Inspiration

Urban Decay's co-founder's love of vintage nude photos inspired the Naked palette series.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Background

Anastasia Soare, the brand's founder, was dubbed the "Eyebrow Queen" by celebrities and influencers for her innovative eyebrow shaping techniques.

NARS Orgasm Blush Phenomenon

NARS' "Orgasm" blush became famous for its quality and risqué name, which sparked debates and controversies.

Estée Lauder's Surprising Roots

Estée Lauder began selling skincare products in her uncle's Manhattan office.

The Hidden Connection between Bobbi Brown and Elvis

Bobbi Brown's first big break was doing Elvis Presley's Rolling Stone magazine makeup.

Too Faced's Sweet Beginnings

While working at a makeup counter, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson dreamed up Too Faced.

The Fascinating Origins of Maybelline

"Maybelline" is a combination of "Maybel" (the founder's sister) and "Vaseline" (an ingredient in the original product).