These are the world's last untouched places

 Papua New Guinea Highlands: Remote mountainous region with diverse indigenous cultures and pristine landscapes.

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil: Vast wilderness teeming with biodiversity, including untouched areas inaccessible to humans.

Greenland Ice Sheet: Remote and largely uninhabited, Greenland's ice sheet is one of the last untouched expanses of ice on Earth.

Sahara Desert, Africa: Remote regions of the Sahara remain largely untouched by human development, with vast stretches of untouched dunes and landscapes.

Northern Siberia, Russia: Remote and sparsely populated, the vast wilderness of Northern Siberia remains largely untouched by human activity.

Tibetan Plateau: A remote and rugged region with vast stretches of untouched wilderness and high-altitude landscapes.

Australian Outback: Remote and desolate regions of the Australian Outback remain largely untouched by human development, with vast expanses of arid landscapes.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: Remote and isolated, the Galápagos Islands offer untouched ecosystems and unique biodiversity found nowhere else on Earth.