The Psychological Effects Of Secrecy

Whether you're hiding a family member's infidelity or your career promotion, lying has detrimental psychological impacts.

Bad Psychological Outcomes

Secrets promote stress hormones, which raise blood pressure, impair sleep, and increase melancholy and anxiety.

Poor Sleep And Mental Illness

Secret keepers are also more prone to take drugs and have chronic pain, according to research.

Substance Abuse, Persistent Pain

Secret keeping causes stress because we constantly think about the information we shouldn't share.

Ruminating Constantly

This is because thinking about the secret occupies our mental and emotional energy, and guilt and humiliation can produce a strong fear of its revelation.

Energy Drain

The psychological cost of maintaining a secret depends on it. Not telling a friend about their surprise birthday celebration is one thing.

Depending On Circumstances

Covering up exam cheating is different. Remorse follows harmful secrets.

More Serious Secrets