The 8 Top Cutest Birds In The World

Atlantic Puffins: They may appear to be penguins, but their multicolored beaks change the entire story.

Tropical Parula: The tropical parula is a little warbler worth seeing, but you must travel south to the tropics, from northern Mexico to middle Argentina. 

Pardalotus Punctatus:Flap your wings west and meet this tiny brilliant and colorful flyer, one of Australia's smallest birds!

Crimson Chat: The crimson chat is a tiny bird species native to Australia.

Mountain Bluebird: Mountain Bluebirds, sometimes known as Arctic Bluebirds, are little thrushes that are common throughout North America.

Goldcrest: The goldcrest is similar to our North American ruby-crowned kinglet, but the crest is not as dazzling and shiny.  

Umbrella Bird: They can be found in high altitudes in damp woodlands in western Colombia and Ecuador.

Bee Hummingbird: Bee hummingbirds enjoy solitary lives, but when breeding season arrives, they join in small groups and sing.

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