The 8 Best Beaches On The East Coast

Hammonasset Beach:The largest beachfront park in Connecticut, this gorgeous location has drawn visitors since 1920.

Cape Henlopen:This six-mile Delaware beach provides a calm respite from the crowds with its soft dunes and stunning lighthouse views.

Canaveral National Seashore:The longest undeveloped length of Florida's east coast is this 24-mile barrier island.

Tybee Island: Tybee Island ("Savannah's Beach") is a barrier island with five miles of white sand and five beaches.

The Cove: Cape May features 2.5 miles of beaches on the Atlantic and Delaware Bay, giving it sandy appeal.

Hampton Beach: Think vast beaches, Atlantic views, and boardwalk fun for families.

Main Beach: Main Beach offers soft sand and is clean inside and out.

Ocracoke Beach: North Carolina has several beautiful beaches, therefore Ocracoke Beach deserves a slot.

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