Rotisserie Chicken Causes Stomach Problems for Costco Customers

Costco's rotisserie chicken is one of its most famous products because to its variety, taste, and $4.99 pricing.

For some Costco buyers, eating these famed roasted birds has serious consequences.

This week, a Costco consumer complained on Reddit that the retailer's rotisserie chicken always causes diarrhea and gas. 

It turns out the consumer wasn't the only Costco customer who had stomach difficulties after eating poultry.

"I have this problem with rotisserie chickens too OP, so you're not alone," Redditor said.

The post prompted a debate over why the popular Costco item is so bad for digestion. Some Redditor thought chicken fat

users seasonings were to blame. Others suspected carrageenan, a Costco rotisserie chicken component. And this theory may be right.

Lisa R. Young, Ph.D., RDN, nutrition consultant and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim and The Portion Teller Plan, says carrageenan, a seaweed-

derived ingredient, stabilizes and emulsifies food. Young said carrageenan can cause bloating and cramping,

Young suggested anyone with gastrointestinal troubles to limit or eliminate Costco's chicken due to carrageenan, albeit it's not guaranteed.

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