Ridiculously Priced Food Items That People Are Now Refusing to Buy


Once you pop, the fun won’t stop! That is until the price rose to almost $3 for a tube! One person said that even ALDI’s brand alternative has risen to an obscene price.


No specific brand but ketchup as a whole has risen in price over the past few years. A 32 oz bottle of ketchup is almost $5.

Big-Brand Cereal

A standard box of big-brand cereal starts at around $4 but can skyrocket towards $7! But one person let people in on a little secret.

Pizza Chains

If you hadn’t heard already, Dominos is now charging for delivery. Pizza Hut’s large pizza is almost $18, and Papa John’s deal where you could get a 10-slice pizza for $3 has now risen to $20!


For 24 cans of Coca-Cola Original, you are looking at about $17. That is about $1.50 a can of soda. However, drinking soda is not very healthy for you. So maybe this price increase will allow some to drop it from their diet completely!


The hazelnut spread that everyone seems to love has increased their prices to around $8 a jar. Nutella and peanut butter are among the best sandwich combos ever.


A fish found in multiple places around the world, Salmon has become one of the priciest fishes in the grocery store. Going from around $10 to $25 a pound.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is made in Vermont and is known around the world for being some of the tastiest and most creative ice cream brands around.