Revamped and Modernized ’80s Hairstyles for 2023

Scribbled Underline

Crimped hair is back, a '80s trend. Expect subtler crimping in 2023 instead than aggressive zigzag patterns.

Hair Crimps:

The '80s' tight, frizzy curls have given way to beachy waves in perms. Modern perms offer a natural, easy texture using gentler techniques

The Perm:

Modern side ponytails are sleeker and more professional. Update your look with a low, side-swept ponytail and straight or soft waves.

Side ponytails:

Big hair and teasing are back, but in controlled, voluminous forms. This style can be achieved with volumizing products

Volume and Tease:

Contemporary mullets like the "modern mullet" and "fashion mullet." These models have shorter front and sides but softer


Scrunchies, clips, and flamboyant hair accessories are popular in 2023. Modern ponytails and sloppy buns are adorned with them for nostalgia and style.

Scrunchies and Hair

More precision and styling possibilities have transformed the bowl cut. It can be altered with layers and texture and is usually longer.

Bowl Cut:

Finger waves, a '20s and '80s staple, are back for formal occasions. Finger waves can be created using a flat iron or fingers and styling products.

Waves of fingers

Punk-inspired pixie hairstyles with shaved sides and bright colors are trending. This trendy style is a departure from the '80s pixie cut.

Inspired Pixie: Punk

Vintage '80s feathered bangs are back with a disheveled look. Long layers or bobs can be worn with them.

Feathered Bangs:

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