Red Robin to Begin Serving Fresh Chicken For the First Time

Red Robin will forever have a place in our hearts for its wacky burger combos and bottomless drinks and sides.

From a suite of new menu items to new features like Happy Hour deals and lunch specials, Red Robin has been reinventing itself, and its latest switch-up might be our favorite yet.

Red Robin, like many others, has used frozen chicken breasts for its Buzzin' Chicken Sandwich and Caesar's Chicken Wrap, but switching to fresh chicken will improve quality and taste and save the chain millions in production.

Red Robin has announced that its switch from frozen chicken to fresh chicken will save $5 million a year in costs.

This change to the chicken is the kind of change that's good for both the company and the customers. There's nothing wrong with using frozen foods, but getting them fresh will definitely make them taste better.

Restaurant Business reports that Red Robin has replaced 85% of its menu with higher-quality products, including mayonnaise, tomatoes, pickles, sauces, and buns.

If you've stopped by a Red Robin in the past year, you've probably noticed that they're cooking and serving their burgers differently too—on a plate instead of in a basket.

There have never been more burger chains and fast-casual options, so even Red Robin must get inventive to stay in consumers' rotation.

When Red Robin raises the bar, they set a new standard—and fast-casual enthusiasts everywhere thank them for it.

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