OK Boomer 10 Trends Millennials Refuse to Follow

Eating a bowl of cereal was a staple on Saturday mornings.

#1. Cereal

There are a slew of reasons why Millennials and their younger counterparts aren’t buying cars.

#2. Owning a Car

This is for a few reasons. First, millennials don’t want to sit down at a specific time to watch a news broadcast.

#3. Cable News

While most all homes still have doorbells, you are unlikely to spot a millennial ringing one.

#4. Doorbells

Many might think this industry is in decline because younger generations are putting off marriage.

#5. Diamond Industry

Beer sales are down as the younger generation moves away from drinking alcohol.

#6. Beer

Then casual Friday was ushered in, and and the trend of getting dressed up for work began to decline.

#7. Suits

There are a few reasons for the lack of ironing, the most significant being that many workplaces are switching to casual attire from business attire.

#8. Ironing Clothes

For long term wealth building, the stock market is an excellent choice.

#9. Stock Market

When you went on vacation, you used to find a cool post card and send it to your friends and family to tell them about your trip.

#10. Post Cards