Making Towels Soft And Fluffy

While softeners soften most apparel, towels' super-absorbent cotton can do the reverse.

Stop Using Fabric Softener

It's tempting to blast your towels with high heat to destroy all the bacteria, but this is unnecessary and can make them stiff and unpleasant.

Clean At Lower Temperatures 

Our towels stay soft and fluffy best when air-dried since they dry evenly and slowly. Sometimes this isn't possible, therefore use a dryer. Just use the lowest setting.

If Possible, Line Dry

For softer towels and a new-like feel, remove them from the dryer when dry or slightly damp.

Avoid Overdrying

Overloading your washer and dryer with towels prevents even cleaning and drying. This collects residue or speeds towel drying. Everything makes them feel bad and shortens their longevity.

Don't Overwhelm

Put dryer balls or clean tennis balls in the dryer with your towels to fluff, prevent clumping, and speed up drying.

Use Dryer Balls

When not in use, store towels in a cool, dry location without folding them tightly. Our wardrobe top holds loosely rolled towels.

Maintain Towel Storage

Washers that clean and dry towels fast and evenly are excellent. Many have a steam cycle to promote hygiene without overheating towels, and some measure detergent to avoid overusing or underusing it.

Buy The Best Washer

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