Las Vegas Considering Second Major Airport

Clark County authorities in Nevada are considering establishing a second airport to Las Vegas due of tourism. A new facility would connect Harry Reid International Airport.

The airport can accommodate 64 million people annually. The first seven months of this year saw more than 48 million travelers flow through Harry Reid International, and authorities believe the airport may hit capacity by 2030.

"I mean, it was busy a couple of years ago," Clark County aviation director Rosemary Vassiliadis said. "All these new professional sports teams and other things are making it busier. That's clear from the amount of airport parking alerts we have to issue."

Twenty years ago, advertising executive Billy Vassiliadis coined the phrase "What happens here, stays here," which boosted Las Vegas tourism.

"We couldn't add a runway at Reid International," Rosemary Vassiliadis remarked. "Las Vegas Boulevard is to one side. Railroad is building the opposite side. Our airport is encroached. Everybody knows that.

A second airport would be 30 miles south of the city. "It's going to be just a wonderful addition and needed addition to the economic viability of Southern Nevada," said Vassiliadis.

A new airport might cost $14 billion, according to Clark County Commission Chairman Jim Gibson. It would be the county's most costly project, surpassing Allegiant Stadium, the Raiders' home and 2024 Super Bowl host.

"You know, this (second) airport's been talked about for such a long time," remarked Vassiliadis. I don't know whether folks felt it was simply a fun concept, hope, or thinking. It's not.