Fortune and Misfortune Across the Zodiac 

Virgo  You're doubly and triply blessed—you always have a security squad of angels in sharply pressed business suits and fancy sunglasses.  

Even when things seem to be going wrong, it's simply a plot twist and will work out in the end.  

Scorpio   You're the only one who finds a four-leaf clover while tiptoeing across meadows in spring with all your friends.  

The only way to fail is to rely solely on luck and ignore your needs. Take your luck seriously.  

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Leo   You have natural beauty, an abundance of self-assurance, and yin-yang worthiness oozing from every orifice.  

You could probably take the entire city of Las Vegas home with you if you spent your next vacation there.  

Your one and only flaw is that you often fail to watch your step. 

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