Fogo de Chao Just Introduced Its Most Indulgent, Highest-Quality Steak Yet

The Brazilian-founded restaurant serves skewered, fire-roasted pork, lamb, poultry, and almost every cut of beef, from filet mignon and top sirloin to bone-in ribeye, instead of the typical slab of beef and two sides.

The restaurant's churrasco-style experience includes a market table of prepared fruits, veggies, soups, and salads and fresh, hot food served at your table.

If you're feeling extra fancy—and really, really hungry—you can even upgrade your meal by ordering one of the restaurant's "indulgent cuts" à la carte for an added price, such as the 32-ounce dry-aged tomahawk ribeye.

"The quality of this product is amazing," says chef Antonio Iocchi, Fogo's senior vice president of global food and beverage innovation.

Highly prized for its fat content, ultra-tender texture, and buttery flavor, Wagyu is probably the most coveted kind of beef on the planet right now, and commands a high price as a result.

Fogo has been serving Wagyu beef for several years now, beginning with a 20-ounce strip, followed by a 24-ounce ribeye. In just a short time.

But, the new porterhouse is the largest and most expensive Wagyu cut the restaurant has served so far.

The meat is imported from Australia. According to Iocchi, the quality is on par with Japanese A5 Wagyu, the top grade in Japan's tightly regulated cattle industry.

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