Ex-McDonald's Chef Reveals Why Snack Wraps May Never Return

Since the Snack Wraps were eliminated, McDonald's fans have begged, pleaded, and petitioned for them. A prominent McDonald's insider

McDonald's Snack Wraps were tortilla wraps with chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese,

and sauce. The wraps were popular for their taste and low price of less than $2, however McDonald's discontinued them in 2016.

Chef Mike Haracz, a former McDonald's corporate chef, shares unusual thoughts on TikTok. In a 10,000-plus-view video,

he explained why McDonald's discontinued the Snack Wraps and why they're likely gone forever.

Haracz stated McDonald's discontinued Snack Wraps due to "operational complexity," making them "harder to make."

Despite their popularity, McDonald's has avoided bringing back Snack Wraps because it knows many consumers will still visit and spend their 

money on other goods, according to Haracz. He claimed many consumers buy the McRib or a limited-edition shake once and then "go back

"They have no profitable incentive to keep these other products. Since consumers frequently return to their usual sequence.

Everyone wants the Snack Wrap back, but you still go to McDonald's and buy other items, which makes McDonald's happy."

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