Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On October 31, 2023

Settle into the comfort of an essential connection as Mars and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio. Begin by smudging your space with clary sage incense.  

Focus on giving yourself and others compassion as the conjunction of Mars and Mercury in Scorpio helps you embrace those you love. 

Spend time embracing your self-care as Mercury and Mars align in Scorpio. Begin by putting on a playlist of Solfeggio Frequencies of 174Hz 

Surrender into a day of ease while Mars and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio. Bring some water to a boil on your stove with apple slices and rosemary. 

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Embrace the slow pace of peace in your life as Mars and Mercury align in Scorpio. Create a peace aura spray using plain witch hazel

Reflect on all that you have brought acceptance to within your life as Mars conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio. 

Trust that you are precisely where you are meant to be, as Mars aligns with Mercury in Scorpio. 

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