Champagne Cocktails to Sip on During Easter Brunch

Classic Mimosa

Start your Easter brunch with the timeless combination of champagne and fresh orange juice.

Easter Berry Fizz

Mix your favorite berries with champagne for a colorful and refreshing fruity fizz.

Carrot Ginger Sparkle

Create a unique Easter-themed cocktail by blending carrot juice, ginger syrup, and champagne.

Bunny Bubbly Punch

Craft a punch with pineapple juice, sparkling water, and champagne for a delightful and shareable option.

Springtime Spritz

Combine elderflower liqueur, mint, and champagne for a light and floral spritz perfect for the season.

Citrus Sunrise Splash

Mix grapefruit and orange juice with champagne for a vibrant and tangy sunrise-inspired cocktail.

Tropical Easter Paradise

Transport yourself to the tropics with a blend of mango puree, coconut water, and champagne.

Cucumber Basil Breeze

Refresh your palate with a combination of cucumber, basil, and champagne for a crisp and cool breeze.

Jelly Bean Fizz

Infuse your champagne with the flavors of jelly beans for a playful and colorful Easter treat.