9 Professional Hairstyles for Women: Elevate Your Office Look

Put your hair in a low ponytail and twist it into a nice bun at your nape. A sleek, classic style is achieved with hairpins and hairspray.

Smooth Low Bun: 

Swing your hair to one side and twist it up with hairpins. Elegant French twists are great for professional business environments.

French classic twist:

Make a smooth, bump-free high or mid-height ponytail. Use a short portion of hair to hide the hair tie for a finished look.

Ponytail Pulled Back:

Put your hair in a low ponytail and bun it at your neck. Have a few strands frame your face for a gentler look.

Low Chignon:

Put your hair in loose waves and sweep it one way. This style keeps hair out of your face and adds volume and refinement.

Side-swept waves:

French braid your hair around your head for a halo braid. Bobby pin the ends for a professional, stylish look.

Braided Crown:

A neat bob below the chin might seem professional. Straight and sleek for a classic professional look.

Classic Bob:

Twist and pin your hair in a low ponytail. Simple and beautiful, this style is easy to attain.

Low Twisted Ponytail:

Twist a portion of hair from either side of your head at the back. For a chic half-up, secure with a hairpin or little barrette.

Half-Up Twist:

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