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8 Surprising Makeup Facts

Mesopotamian Origin

Did you know Mesopotamia invented makeup? Over 5,000 years ago, women beautified with kohl and crushed gemstones!

Egyptian Red Lip

Cleopatra's red lips, still stunning today, were made from crushed carmine beetles and ants' eggs.

Renaissance Eyebrows

Renaissance beauty valued high foreheads. Egg whites were used to smooth hairlines and pluck eyebrows.

Victorian Toxic Beauty

Victorian women bleached with arsenic and lead. They had no idea these toxic substances were harmful!

Hollywood's Max Factor

Max Factor, the Hollywood makeup artist who revolutionized the beauty industry in the early 1900s, made "makeup" popular.

Lipstick Effect

Lipstick sales rise in recessions. The "lipstick effect" is when people buy cheap luxuries in hard times.

Space makeup

Astronauts use weightlessness-resistant makeup for space missions.

Expensive Lipstick

Would you believe the world's most expensive lipstick costs $62,000? Luxury jeweler created it with diamonds!