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8 Of The Best Food Halls To Check Out Around the U.S.

Ponce City Market (Atlanta, GA): Set in a historic Sears & Roebuck building, this market revitalizes its neighborhood with a Central Food Hall featuring Georgia-caught seafood

Ferry Building (San Francisco, CA): A landmark and clocktower on the San Francisco waterfront, this marketplace is renowned for its farmers markets, bakers, chocolatiers, and wine merchants, offering a taste of local food producers​​.

West Side Market (Cleveland, OH): Dating back to 1912, this public market features legendary butcher shops, candymakers, cheesemongers, and food vendors like Steve’s Gyros and Johnny Hotdog​

Green Jeans Farmery (Albuquerque, NM): Built entirely out of shipping containers, it offers indoor and outdoor spaces for vendors, including a taqueria and a pizzeria, and locally-made spirits

St. Roch Marketplace (New Orleans, LA): A Southern food hall with a diverse collection of food vendors, known for its savory, juicy rotisserie chickens sliced up for sandwiches and salads​​.

Revival Food Hall (Chicago, IL): Located in the heart of Chicago, it features food from the city’s most popular restaurants in a carryout style, including ramen dishes from the Furious Spoon and smoked meat from Smoque BBQ

Easton Public Market (Easton, PA): An extension of one of the country's oldest farmers markets, it offers artisanal food vendors, cooking classes, and events like yoga brunches​

Bottling Department (San Antonio, TX): Part of The Pearl, a large public market that includes a farmers market, restaurants, and a brewery, this food hall brings culinary creativity to life​

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