8 Easy Ways to Burn an Extra 100 Calories a Day

Join a 45-minute fitness class

Fitness classes like body pump or Zumba don't allow you to take overly long breaks at your leisure to keep your heart rate high. This makes them challenging and efficient, helping you easily burn 100 calories or even more

Eat more protein

Protein can raise your resting metabolic rate because it takes more energy to digest than carbs or fat. It also makes you feel fuller for longer, which can lead to you eating 100 calories less throughout the day.

Choose whole fruits over dried fruits

A handful of raisins contains 150 calories, while a handful of grapes has 30 calories

Don't neglect cardio machines

Those calorie burn counters on the machines can come in handy but aren't necessarily accurate. To be safe, go hard on the elliptical or treadmill until you've burned 150 calories

Swim for 15 minutes

If you've ever felt starving after a day at the pool, it's because you burned a ton of calories

Lift weights for 30 minutes

If you've ever felt starving after a day at the pool, it's Weightlifting has been shown by science to burn plenty of calories during exercise and after exercise in a phenomenon called excess post-exercise oxygen consumptionyou burned a ton of calories.

Do a 30-minute Pilates class

Unlike yoga, Pilates tends to incorporate more strength-based movements rather than focusing on flexibility and balance, thus resulting in a bigger calorie burn

Cut out high-calorie beverages

Switch out your latte or sweet tea for water just once a day, and that's 100 calories that are easily slashed.