7 Vacation Spots That Used to be Cool, But Aren't Anymore

Acapulco, Mexico: Once a glamorous destination, Acapulco has faced issues with crime and pollution, leading to a decline in tourism.

Venice, Italy: Overtourism has taken its toll on Venice, with overcrowding, rising prices, and environmental concerns detracting from its charm.

Ibiza, Spain: While still a party hotspot, Ibiza has become increasingly commercialized and expensive, losing some of its original allure.

Cancun, Mexico: Overdevelopment and overcrowding have led to a loss of authenticity in Cancun, making it less appealing to some travelers.

Cairo, Egypt: Political instability and security concerns have dampened tourism in Cairo, once a bustling hub of history and culture.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA: Myrtle Beach has become overly commercialized and crowded, with high-rise hotels dominating its coastline.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Overtourism and environmental damage threaten the preservation of Machu Picchu, detracting from the experience for some visitors.

Nassau, Bahamas: Nassau has struggled with crime and poverty, tarnishing its image as a tropical paradise.