7 Brilliant facts about the American bison

Majestic Symbol: The American bison, or buffalo, is an iconic symbol of the American West and indigenous cultures.

Historic Population: Before European settlement, an estimated 30-60 million bison roamed the Great Plains of North America.

Near Extinction: By the late 1800s, overhunting and habitat loss reduced the bison population to fewer than 1,000 individuals.

Conservation Success: Through concerted conservation efforts, the bison population has rebounded to over 500,000 individuals today.

Keystone Species: Bison play a crucial role in maintaining grassland ecosystems through grazing and seed dispersal.

Adaptability: Bison are highly adaptable to various habitats, from grasslands to forests, and can endure harsh weather conditions.

Migratory Behavior: Some bison herds engage in seasonal migrations to find food and water, covering long distances across the landscape.