6 Types of Houseplants to Treat Stress

Aloe Vera: Soothing and Air-Purifying This easy-care plant not only purifies the air but also offers healing aloe gel.

Snake Plant: Oxygen Booster for Better Sleep Known for releasing oxygen at night, it's perfect for bedrooms to enhance sleep quality.

Rubber Plant: Low-Light Stress Reliever Its large, glossy leaves can uplift any room's mood, thriving even in low light.

Spider Plant: Natural Air Detoxifier An excellent plant for removing pollutants and improving room ambiance.

Peace Lily: Serenity and Beauty With its white blooms, it brings a sense of peace and filters out harmful toxins.

Boston Fern: Humidity-Loving Air Purifier Ideal for bathrooms, this plant helps restore moisture and eliminate toxins.

English Ivy: Classic Beauty with Air-Cleaning Powers Perfect for hanging baskets, it's known to reduce airborne toxins effectively.

Lavender: Aromatic Stress Reducer Its soothing fragrance helps reduce stress, improve sleep, and uplift spirits.