3 Zodiac Signs Who Could Experience A Rough Day On October 25, 2023

It's kind of an unnerving expression, as it's usually said when you literally are trying too hard to get something done. 

You feel as though if anyone on this planet needs love and attention, it's you and that you are so worthy of it that it should just flow your way, naturally.  

The thing is, Leo, it IS flowing your way, but on October 25, 2023, during the transit of Moon opposite Venus, you won't see things that way. 

During the transit of Moon opposite Venus, on October 25, 2023, you'll have yourself convinced that, for some reason, love is just not in your stars. 

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After a while, thinking that way makes you feel jaded and shut down. You feel you can live without love, and yet, that doesn't seem to work for you either. 

You have put your entire being into loving someone and that love ended with you feeling heartbroken for more time than you'd like to admit.  

During the transit of Moon opposite Venus, you will find that you're finally becoming aware of the idea that you are trying too hard. 

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