12 Clear Signs You’re Always Putting Others Before Yourself

Difficulty Saying No: You find it hard to decline requests or favors, even when it inconveniences you.

Putting Others' Needs First: You prioritize others' needs and wants over your own, often neglecting your own well-being.

Feeling Guilty: You frequently experience guilt or shame when prioritizing your own needs over others'.

Overextending Yourself: You take on too many responsibilities or commitments to meet others' expectations, leading to burnout.

Seeking Approval: You constantly seek validation or approval from others, basing your self-worth on their opinions.

Difficulty Setting Boundaries: You struggle to establish and enforce healthy boundaries in your relationships.

Avoiding Conflict: You avoid confrontation or conflict to maintain harmony in your relationships, even at the expense of your own needs.

Feeling Resentful: You harbor feelings of resentment towards others for not reciprocating the care and support you give them.