11 Ways to Reuse Empty Paper Rolls Around the House

1. Seed Starters

Cut paper rolls in half and use the halves as biodegradable seed starters for your garden. When ready, fill them with soil, plant your seeds, and then place the entire roll in the ground.

2. Cable Organizer

Neatly bundle and store cables by rolling them in paper. Labeling each roll with the type of cable facilitates identification.

3. Desk Organizer

Cut the rolls to various heights and arrange them in a box or container to create a DIY desk organizer for pens, pencils, and other office supplies.

4. Gift Wrapping

Flatten the paper coils and use them to prevent gift wrapping paper from unrolling or as one-of-a-kind gift tags.

5. Cord Holder

Wrap extension cables or long wires around the paper roll to prevent tangling and keep them organized.

6. Napkin Rings

Decorate the paper rolls with paint, ribbons, or washi tape, and use them as napkin rings for special occasions.

7. Kids' Crafts

Use paper rolls as stencils for painting or cut them into rings to create simple and entertaining crafts for children.

8. DIY Bird Feeder

To make a straightforward and eco-friendly bird feeder, spread peanut butter on a paper roll and then roll it in birdseed.

9. Organize Wrapping Paper

Slide empty paper rolls over the borders of wrapping paper rolls in order to prevent them from unrolling.

10. Hair Accessories Organizer

Decorate a paper towel roll and use it as a container for hair accessories such as hair ties, bobby pins, and hairbands.

11. Wall Art

Cut paper rolls into various sizes and shapes, paint them, and arrange them on a canvas to create one-of-a-kind and affordable wall art.