10 Types of Toxic People to NEVER Have in Your Circle

The Gossip: This person thrives on spreading rumors and talking about others behind their backs, often stirring up drama and mistrust within a group.

The Narcissist: Narcissists are self-centered and lack empathy for others. They often manipulate or belittle those around them to maintain a sense of superiority.

The Victim: While everyone faces challenges, the perpetual victim refuses to take responsibility for their actions and blames others for their misfortunes

The Controller: This individual insists on dictating the choices and behaviors of others, often through manipulation or intimidation

The Negative Nelly: Constantly pessimistic, this person sees the downside in every situation and can dampen the spirits of their companions with their negativity.

The Jealous Judy: Jealous individuals can be unsupportive and resentful of others' successes or happiness, potentially undermining your achievements and self-esteem.

The Flake: Unreliable and inconsistent, flaky people fail to keep commitments and can leave friends feeling undervalued and frustrated.

The Critic: This person is overly critical and quick to point out flaws, often without constructive intent, which can erode confidence and self-worth.

The Energy Vampire: They drain emotional energy by leaning excessively on friends for support without offering much in return

The Manipulator: Skilled in manipulation, this individual uses emotional leverage to influence others to their advantage, disregarding the feelings and well-being of those they manipulate.

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