10 Thorny Plants to Add to Your Garden or Landscape


Roses are known for their beautiful blooms and thorny stems, making them both decorative and functional.


Blackberry bushes produce delicious fruit and have thorny canes that can be used as a natural barrier.


Hawthorn trees and shrubs produce thorny branches and beautiful flowers and berries.


Bougainvillea vines are known for their vibrant flowers and thorny branches, making them a striking addition to any landscape.


Pyracantha, or firethorn, is a thorny shrub that produces clusters of bright berries, adding color and security to your garden.


Barberry shrubs are known for their colorful foliage and thorny branches, making them a popular choice for hedges.


Agave plants have sharp, thorn-like spines along their leaves, adding a unique texture to your landscape.


Yucca plants have sword-like leaves with sharp tips, adding a sculptural element to your garden.


Holly bushes are known for their glossy green leaves and bright red berries, as well as their thorny branches.

Pyrus calleryana:

While primarily known for their springtime white blooms and fall foliage, the Bradford Pear's thorns can also serve as a deterrent.

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