10 Stylish Wedge Haircut for Women Over 60

The traditional wedge has small layers at the nape of the neck that lengthen toward the crown, producing a sleek, timeless style.

Classic Wedge: 

Add volume and modernize the wedge with layered layers at the back.

Stacked Wedge: 

Add texture and layers to your wedge for a modern look.

Textured Wedge: 

Add layers to your wedge haircut for movement and depth.

Layered Wedge:

Choose a short pixie wedge for a playful, young style.

Short Pixie Wedge: 

Keep the front longer than the back to create an angled wedge for an edgy look.

Angled Edge: 

Add blonde highlights or a blonde wedge haircut for a lively look.

Blonde Wedge:

Red wedges create a fiery, passionate haircut.

Red Wedge:

A confident wedge haircut will highlight your gray hair.

Gray Wedge: 

Incorporate bangs into your wedge for a chic and flattering frame for your face.

Bangs Wedge: 

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