10 Restaurant Chains With the Best Fish Sandwiches


The Filet-O-Fish is a classic fish sandwich available at McDonald's, featuring a breaded fish patty, tartar sauce, and a steamed bun.


Chick-fil-A offers a seasonal fish sandwich known as the Fish Fillet Sandwich, typically available during Lent.


Arby's Fish Sandwich features crispy fish fillets topped with lettuce and tartar sauce, served on a sesame seed bun.

Burger King:

Burger King's Big Fish Sandwich includes a breaded and fried fish fillet, lettuce, and tartar sauce on a bun.


Culver's offers a North Atlantic Cod Sandwich featuring a lightly breaded and fried cod fillet with lettuce and tartar sauce.


Wendy's Premium Cod Fillet Sandwich includes a wild-caught North Pacific cod fillet, lettuce, and tartar sauce on a bun.

Long John Silver's:

As a seafood-focused fast-food chain, Long John Silver's is known for its variety of fish sandwiches, including the classic Fish Sandwich.

Captain D's:

Captain D's, a seafood restaurant chain, offers a variety of fish sandwiches, with options like the Giant Fish Sandwich.


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen offers a Cajun Flounder Sandwich, featuring a seasoned flounder fillet, pickles, and tartar sauce.

Jack in the Box:

Jack in the Box serves a Fish Sandwich with a crispy fish fillet, tartar sauce, and lettuce on a bun.