10 Popular Landscaping Plants You Should Get Rid of ASAP

English Ivy: Invasive vine that can choke out other plants and damage structures.

Bamboo: Fast-growing plant that spreads aggressively and can be difficult to control.

Japanese Knotweed: Invasive plant that can damage foundations and structures with its strong root system.

Butterfly Bush: While attractive to butterflies, it can spread quickly and crowd out native plant species.

Bradford Pear Tree: Weak branches prone to breaking and an invasive root system that can damage sidewalks and driveways.

Purple Loosestrife: Invasive plant that can outcompete native species in wetland habitats.

Kudzu: Invasive vine that grows rapidly and can smother trees and other plants.

Russian Olive: Invasive tree species that can outcompete native vegetation and alter habitats.